Pikler triangles and arches: all climbing furniture in BumbleBee Smart store

Climbing furniture is a great addition to Montessori toys and will delight every child. Bumblebee Smart shop offers a wide variety of Pickler triangles and arches for children of different ages. We will tell you about the features of these toys more!

What makes Pickler furniture from BumbleBee Smart special?

  • At the BumbleBee Smart store, anyone can find a wide variety of climbing triangles, arcs, and cubes that will delight your child at affordable prices.
  • Playing with such toys contributes to the development of gross motor skills, crawling, and learning about the world through physical sensations. Anyways, climbing furniture games are more interesting and useful than constantly watching cartoons or permanently playing computer games.
  • All Pickler toys are made of eco-friendly materials, and small parts are securely fixed. This reduces the risk of injury to the child and the occurrence of allergic reactions.
  • BumbleBee Smart willingly takes into consideration the wishes of customers and we are ready to create an exclusive Pickler toy according to your wishes.
  • Climbing furniture by BumbleBee Smart is shipped all over the world! This means that you can delight your child with such a gift, no matter what country you are in.

Climbing Arches

There are several Climbing Arches available in the BumbleBee Smart Store. They differ in size, color, and shape.

There are standard-sized climbing arches — classic wood and rainbow-colored. Also, you can find is a set of small and standard climbing arches, which form a large Pickler arch. It can be played by two children at the same time, though it is easy to transport and install.

what age is a pikler triangle for

Climbing Cubes

The climbing cube is a versatile Pikler toy because it takes up little space and the child can play with 4 different sides of the cube.

Children can crawl through it, climb a ladder, and in the enlarged model of the climbing cube, there is a slide with a relief along which you can climb a cube. These models are suitable for both toddlers 1-3 years old and children 5-8 years old.

Climbing Sets

Climbing Sets include 3 to 5 Pickler toys (arches, cubes, triangles) that can be assembled into one large one.

You can swap them at will and create new constructions so that it will always be interesting and fun for your child to crawl the climbing furniture.

All parts of the sets are securely fastened together, and the risk of injury from the game is reduced.

Foldable Pikler Triangles

Pikler Triangles — is one of the most popular climbing furniture models. In addition to being great fun and contributing to gross motor development, they are easy to fold and transport!

The shop offers standard multi-colored models, as well as enlarged ones for 2-3 children.

Some models, in addition to the ladder, are equipped with a slide. It can be embossed for crawling or smooth for gliding.