Gabriela Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Gabriela Rodriguez but here at Tudorka Tots I am known as Ms.Gaby. I am a new Teacher Assistant at this preschool/daycare, a mother to a beautiful toddler girl named Bella, and a full time student at Merritt College. After graduating high school, I was really motivated to work and further my education so I decided to stay in my hometown in Oakland, CAl. I began my experience working with children at the age of 17 while interning at the Youth Services department in Oakland and San Francisco sites of the Native American Health Center. At the time I helped tutor in their after school program and plan events for seasonal camps for youth ages 8-18. In school I have been mainly focused in Administration of Juvenile Justice and Psychology but Coming into Tudorka Tots I have discovered something new about myself, I was inspired to work with much younger children instead. As of now, I am helping teach children in the infant room and always visit with the toddler and preschool children. I am grateful that I was introduced to a whole new world like this one. Watching young children rush into school with their families and bring in happy faces with stories to tell has to be one of my favorite parts of working here at Tudorka Tots. This has influenced me to follow a new career as a therapist for young children and families in the future and pursue my education in Child Development on top of my other degrees. I look forward to continuing working in the infant room, and some day explore teaching other age groups.