Mau Huynh

Hello, my name is Mau Huynh. I have been working as Head Teacher in the infant and toddler rooms at Tudorka Tots since 2013. I am a bilingual teacher. I speak English and Vietnamese. I was born in Vietnam. I have been teaching in California for 12 years. I have 3 children of my own, ages seven, ten and thirteen.

In school, I have completed numerous child development courses from infant/toddler to preschool ages. I have reached my Associates Degree in Education, and would like to go further in learning. I like to teach art and math mostly and love to challenge little minds. I like to work with all ages, but love the age of infancy. Infants are so adorable and when they learn new things, I feel happiness. I enjoy helping children grow healthy and happy. Their laughter is what brightens any day.