Renata Zimany

Hello, my name is Renata Zimany. I am the founder and Executive Director of the Tudorka Tots Infant and Prechool Centers. I am a mother of three children. I decided to start my own family day care after our third child was born in 2005. Tudorka Tots was inspired by our daughter Athena and has now grown into three very busy infant, toddler, and preschool centers. My husband Francois and I came from Hungary and built our home where the first Tudorka Tots on Mountain Blvd began. Since then we have remodeled and renovated rooms at East hills Community Church, and restored a schoolhouse near Mills College, to accommodate the growing demand for quality infant, toddler, and preschool childcare in the Oakland Area.

While running these businesses I am continuing my education and I hope to one day hold a degree in pediatric medicine. I am fascinated by medical books and read them as often as I can. While running the day care I often feel like a school nurse, and that inspired me to continue my education. I also enjoy cooking, baking, and feeding people which led to us offering home cooked meals everyday at school. I love organizing parties and events and making sure our centers will have lots of fun events to look forward to at Tudorka Tots. I also love exercising, walking around the lake, doing Pilates, going for nature walks and hikes with my family and traveling.

I enjoy working with all age groups. However my passion is the infant room. I feel I can create a special bond and a special connection with the babies just by making eye contact and smile with them. Nurturing and caring for babies make me feel like I have a strong influence in their lives. They spend long hours at day care and we want them to feel comfortable, happy, loved, just like at home.

When I work with the older group, I am the kind of teacher who loves to offer physical activity like group yoga, and exercise. I notice their individuality and treat each child with a special need. In a challenging situation I know how to change the environment for the children and accommodate their needs. I tend to offer them a quiet activity or game, and even play soft music for meditation.

I am very proud of what my husband and I have created in Tudorka Tots and look forward to many more successful years in the Child Care Industry.