Unique Wooden Furniture for Children: Ecology and Style

Wood is a versatile natural material that brings warmth and comfort to the room. Whether it's flooring, wall cladding, furniture, or toys, wood can come in all sorts of shapes and forms in a kid's room.

The WoodandHearts offers high-quality children's furniture that grows with the child. It is an environmentally friendly wood product manufactured following EU standards for babies and children.

Depending on the desire and children's imagination, the furniture can be used as a ladder, swing, car, rocking horse, throne, pedestal, play tower, and much more. As a result, it is also environmentally friendly, as it guarantees a long service life and can be reused.

Furniture color

The color of furniture for furnishing a children's room is an essential parameter that parents should consider:

  • A two-color design is possible. For example, it can be a combination of pale green with a sandy tint.
  • Bright red shades are usually not recommended for children because of the excitement of the child's psyche and possible restless sleep.
  • The blue color of furniture contributes to good physical condition, but its use is partially desirable. It can make the room unnecessarily gloomy.
  • Warm yellow tones are suitable for a child's room: they have a beneficial effect on the child's psyche and give a feeling of comfort and sunshine.

Ecology first

Today, concern for the environment has become an essential part of everyday life for most of us. Wooden furniture is made from trees that have been specially planted for this purpose, which protects the natural forests from being cut down for the needs of the furniture industry. Thanks to the fact that the wood proliferates and its cultivation does not require special soil conditions or irrigation. Moreover, harvesting wood is not a time-consuming and costly process.

Roll, climb and roll with a playsets

Anyone who is a fan of compact multifunctional wooden furniture will find what they need with wonderful playsets. The manufacturer transforms the nursery into an actual play paradise in just a few simple steps — stylish furniture, which can also be found in small children's rooms. The manufacturer specializes in high-quality solid wood wall bars that you can customize with different elements as you wish. For example, a wall bar can be used as a homework table after school and then turned into a slide.

Depending on how much space is in the nursery, the climbing wall can stand freely in the room, be mounted on a wall, or in a door frame. With various accessories such as gym rings, sliding pieces, or a changing table, you can get the most out of a piece of furniture, and the minimalist design fits optically into almost any room.