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Call to Action: Share Your Teacher Story!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

We have almost made it through our first week back from Spring Break! We are happy to report that students are returning smoothly into their daily school routines.

And now…drumroll please…we are excited to announce a fun activity for parents. As you may know, next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-9). Your Site Director may have already asked you to write a note of appreciation to your teachers. Here, at the TT Blog HQ, we’d like to share those thoughts and stories with the broader Tudorka Tots community.

Please email your teacher appreciation story (2 or 3 sentences, please!) to tudorkatotsblog@gmail.com by Sunday, May 4. We will post the stories on the blog next week! And because this is voluntary, not all teachers may be represented—we know you all have busy lives and want to participate but might not be able to. So no one feels left out, we will remove the teachers’ names before posting.

Click here for some inspiration!


Have a great weekend, everyone!