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Erin go Baby

Happy Friday!

We can’t wait to celebrate this year’s annual Spring Party with you later this afternoon, but first we have some belated St. Patrick’s Day pics to share. Children loved diving into the arts and crafts opportunities this holiday brings—they made painted pasta necklaces, rainbow garland, pots of gold, and much more.

See you later!

IMG_0362 IMG_0361 IMG_0360 IMG_0359 IMG_0358 IMG_0357 IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0356 IMG_0355 IMG_0351 IMG_0352 IMG_0347 IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0344 IMG_0343 IMG_0342

This week, children at Campus Drive have also enjoyed lots of fun sensory play!

IMG_0365 IMG_0364 IMG_0363 IMG_0354 IMG_0353