Tudorka Tots
Fall is in the air

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful week. We have started our “All About Autumn” unit in which children observe the changing season. So far it has been all about leaves! They’ve collected, counted and compared a variety of different leaves. Letters of the week were Tt and Ss.

In the last part of the month we will be learning about community helpers. This is when we ask parents like you to come talk about the different ways you help our community. Please speak with your site director if you’d like to set up a time to talk with the children.

That all said, here are some photos of how Campus Drive enjoyed the All About Autumn week.

Have a great weekend!

img_2374 img_2373 img_2372 img_2371 img_2370 img_2365 img_2367 img_2368 img_2366 img_2369 img_2362 img_2363 img_2364