Tudorka Tots
Happy Summer Vacay!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

We hope you’re enjoying your break (if you’re taking one, that is), but we have to admit we’re feeling a little separation anxiety from all you bigger kids that have already moved on. We’ve known some of you since you were wee little ones in our infant rooms! Soak it in moms, dads and loved ones, it’s going too fast!

We had a great time celebrating Spirit Week! Thanks for sending all your little Steph Currys, Batmans, and Tommy Bahamas. We have about a million photos to share, so we’re separating them by campus this week. Scroll on to find your cutie pie.

Campus daze…

IMG_8717 IMG_7722 IMG_3344 IMG_3340.JPG IMG_3333.JPG IMG_3300.JPG IMG_3302.JPG IMG_3303.JPG IMG_3306.JPG IMG_3317 IMG_3299.JPG IMG_3296.JPG IMG_3295.JPG IMG_3288.JPG IMG_3279.JPG IMG_3273 IMG_3275 IMG_3276 IMG_3277 IMG_3271 IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3263.JPG IMG_3252.JPG IMG_3229.JPG IMG_3244.JPG IMG_3246.JPG IMG_3249.JPG IMG_3216.JPG IMG_3217.JPG

Mountain fun in the sun…

IMG_2520 IMG_2509 IMG_2413 IMG_2160.JPG IMG_2161.JPG IMG_2163.JPG IMG_2166.JPG IMG_2386 IMG_2158.JPG IMG_2157.JPG IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2151.JPG IMG_2133.JPG IMG_2107.JPG IMG_2117.JPG IMG_2121.JPG IMG_2130.JPG IMG_2132.JPG IMG_2099.JPG IMG_2097.JPG IMG_2089.JPG IMG_2086.JPG IMG_2072.JPG IMAG1850 IMAG1859 IMAG1862 IMG_1604 IMG_1685.JPG

As always around this time of year, please let me know if you need to be removed from the blog. Otherwise, we’ll see you returning kiddos in a couple of weeks!