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How do I love you? Let me count the ways!

cute_owl_couple_i_love_you_happy_valentines_day_sticker-rf912d6d940984ed2a538de1f8342319a_v9wf3_8byvr_512 Hello, parents! Here’s a little something to brighten up your day!

We asked preschoolers from both campuses a special Valentine’s Day-themed question, and here are their answers. Find your child by their initials.

Campus Dr. preschoolers were asked, “Who do you love?”

A.E.: I love my mommy because I like her.
A.W.: I love B. and M. because I love to share my trains outside with them and they follow me.
B.S.: I love E. because I like to play with her.
E.A.: I love M. because he says hello like this (with pointer finger).
L.M.: I love M. because he shared his legos with me.
M.C.: I love L. because I just love him.
M.S.: I love J. because he loves to play horses and cars.
M.S.: I love A. and B. because they’re my friends and they share with me all the time.
N.A.: I love my sisters because they live with me.
O.G.: I love L. because sometimes he plays with me. And when I have a good idea that we never played before.
Z.G.: I love D. because I love him all the time.

Mountain Blvd. preschoolers were asked, “Who is your Valentine?”

A.G.: I love my mommy.
A.H.: I love Mommy and Daddy because I have baby W. at home and I love you.
A.R.: I love Mommy, daddy, my sister because we play.
A.S.: I love my daddy, because.
G.G.: I love mommy and Daddy because we play at my house.
H.K.: I love Mommy, daddy, kitty, and baby because you’re my family and we play games.
J.S.: I love Mommy and Daddy because L. is at home and we go outside.
K.E.: I love Baby R. because he is my friend all the time. I love B. because I go to her house.
O.S.: I love S. because he’s a boy.
S.Y.: I love Mommy, Daddy, and A. because they are at my house. I love Grandma D. because I like to go to her house, in San Francisco.
R.M.: I love S. because he’s my brother.
Z.R.: I love my mommy.

Hope you have a wonderful, love-filled day and a nice long weekend! (Remember, we are closed Monday for Presidents’ Day.)

See you Tuesday!

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