Tudorka Tots
I Like Big Pies and I Cannot Lie

Hi All – hope everyone is surviving the smoky air and staying safe. Although things may sometimes seem bleak, as we roll into Thanksgiving, there is a lot to be thankful for. We are a part of a wonderful community that genuinely cares about our kids. Today, Tudorka hosted a “Thankful Breakfast” where families were treated to yummy treats and much needed coffee:





It’s never too early to teach gratitude to kids (yes, even cranky, demanding toddlers!) If you’ve ever stopped by the school during snack time, you’ve heard the kids singing (to the tune of Frère Jacques), “we are very thank-ful for our snack…for our snack…YOU MAY EAT!” I’m sure the kids were VERY thankful for the gargantuan pies served at their Pajama and Pie Party. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!