Tudorka Tots
Monday Morning Treat
Good morning!
We hope you had a great weekend enjoying the splendid weather. Today we are flashing back to Mother’s Day and sharing some love notes the children expressed for their mamas. We hope this brightens your day!
I love my mommy because…..
She gives me a cupcake after dinner. –AR
She gives me hugs. -IVS
She lets me have a movie night and lets me sleep in her bed. -AH
She turns on Curious George for me. -GW
She reads me books. -ZL
I draw her pictures. -KR
Her buys me stuff. -TB
She likes snuggling with me, hugs me, and kisses me. -AG
Because. -LI
Uh, huh. yes. -BS
Have you noticed a deluge of new singing in your house these days? Thank your teachers and Ms. Carmen. Here is what they’ve been learning in music class this month:
“In the month of May, the toddlers will learn songs about insects, like ladybugs and butterflies. We will listen and identify the sound of bees and imitate them vocally and learn a song about honeybees. The children will be playing scrapers and will be using these instruments to accent the beat of songs and music.
the preschool and pre-K classes have been studying fascinating facts about metamorphosis. During our music sessions the children will also be learning about insects and their life cycle through songs and music. We ill continue to work with the musical concepts we have learned so far such as high/low, fas/slow, and quiet/loud through a song about firelfies. We will listen to classical music about insects such as Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee. Through the exploration of different sized cymbals the children will learn how the size of these instruments determine the volume of the sound.”
And last but not least, the letter of the week is lowercase b.
Have a great week!