Tudorka Tots
Our Musical January

Hi everyone!

You might have seen the letter from Ms. Carmen Trefil, our music instructor, posted at your site about what the children are learning in music class this month. That said, you might not have had the time to read it! Drop off and pick up can be a hectic time, so this week we are sharing Ms. Carmen’s letter here.

Hope you’re having a great week!

“In January the children will learn about winter through music. They will play a musical “Roll and Catch” game with a snowball and sing about fluffy white snowflakes falling. They will take turns to be a jolly snowman and dance along with a snowman song.

We will create quiet snowfalls to Vivaldi’s music from The Four Seasons with tulle and white feathers. We will sing about the many different ways we can enjoy the snow. Using our imagination and paper plates, we are going ice skating on a frozen lake. During the month our musical concepts will be “quiet” and “loud.”

The children will learn about the harp, and explore and play the melody lap-harp.”

A photo of music class at Mountain: