Tudorka Tots
Pretty Fly for a Reptile Guy (or Gal)

Usually when there’s something slimy, slithery, and squirmy at Tudorka tots, it’s usually a child eating his afternoon snack. However, the teachers had a very special treat for the kiddos by bringing in some special visitors. The kids made friends with:

Lidia – California King Snake
Leopold – Leopard Gecko
River and Mel – Ball Pythons
Ruby – Spiny-tailed Monitor
Adonis – Carpet Python
Ted – Bearded Dragon
Gunter – Tegu
Noodles – Reticulated Python

Although reptiles aren’t fluffy and furry like dogs or cats, many of these guys make great pets. In fact, tegus (I had no idea what kind of animal this was until now) love to snuggle with their humans and require lots of love and affection, not unlike the North American Toddler.