Tudorka Tots


The toddler program is designed to offer more sensory filled experiences that emphasize the importance of a toddler development. Our teachers will provide a high level of interaction while individually nurturing each child. Children will start to learn monthly thematic units, that provides a variety of daily activities and experiences. Learning is focused on promoting social skills and developments.

Program will include

  • Daily small group activities
  • Balanced attention to nurturing, playtime, and social skills learning.
  • Monthly thematic units will be thought to provide a variety of daily experiences and learning.
  • Learning areas are focused on dramatic play, creative arts, sensory explorations, language development.
  • Potty training will be encouraged and offered.
  • Music class is offered and designed to specifically to toddlers
  • Soccer class is optional to sign up

We teach academic thought playing !

Tudorka Tots Steps to Success: Transition from Infant Program to Toddler Program

Congratulations parents! You’ve made it to a very important milestone in your child’s life: At 18 months your child will transition from the infant room to the toddler room.

Along with the teachers from both rooms, you will work out a specific transition plan for your toddler that will begin at 17 months and wrap up by 19 months. We understand that every child is different and we will work with you to meet their specific needs.

What to expect

As with all change, we understand that you are most likely feeling anxious about this change. After all, you’ve spent the last year or more getting to know the infant room and its teachers and you have established a routine. Your toddler is understandably attached, and let’s face it, so are you! It’s totally normal. That said, we strive to model the caring confidence that will reassure your toddler that this transition is a healthy one for all of us.

You and your toddler will need some time to build a new bond with the toddler room teachers. Typically, it takes a child 4-6 weeks to settle into a new routine. Take each day one day at a time and remember to reward the little successes as much as the big ones. Luckily, the older your toddler gets, the more opportunities there will be for interaction with the teachers and other families in your class. The more you participate, the better for you and your toddler!

The toddler room is age-appropriately designed to help your child blossom. And of course, the individualized care you loved in the infant room will continue in the toddler room! Here are a few of the differences you can look forward to:

  • The ratio of adult to child changes from 1:4 to 1:6
  • This is when they learn to take naps on “big kid” mats; bring in a special blanket from home! (If your child has not yet transitioned from two naps to one nap, you and the toddler room teacher will coordinate a one-month transition plan that works for your child)
  • We begin to move from bottles to sippy cups
  • Table food! Toddlers eat solid foods as they transition out of purees and soft cereals
  • More independence is a good thing: toddlers feed themselves and walk from one activity to another on their own more often
  • Potty training! Our trained teachers will help start this process and together you will come up with your plan
  • We help toddlers learn positive ways of communication; they are entering a phase where some will use physical means as strategies to communicate wants and frustrations
  • “I got an owie.” Yes, you may here this and receive notices of more bumps and bruises. This is a normal phase as toddlers become more mobile and work on their movement skills
  • More enhanced curriculum program! Art, science and circle time as things really start to get fun!
  • When the weather is nice, we go outside EVERY DAY.
  • You will still receive a daily log, but it is an updated form for your toddler’s class

Slow and steady wins the race

We will make this a gradual transition. Your toddler will begin spending time in their new room on a date that has been agreed upon between you and the teachers. If your toddler is having trouble going back and forth, we will adjust and figure out a new plan.

What can I do?

  • Meet the new teacher
  • Take a tour of the new room
  • Understand the new daily schedule
  • Fill out a new “Service and Needs” form
  • Sit and play with your toddler in the new room
  • Bring a new family photo to hang in the new classroom

Bring a lovely blanket to keep in the classroom