Tudorka Tots
September Updates

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week students at both campuses have been working on a unit called “All About Me.” This unit is designed to help everyone feel noticed, accepted and included. Students are doing activities that explore both human similarities and individual differences.

They are learning that everyone has a name, a birthday, and eats, sleeps and lives with people that care about them. They are creating a timeline of their lives to see how people grow and change. The letters of the week were uppercase M, as well as Tt. We’ll be sharing photos of this unit next week.

Next week they will continue learning “All About Me” with a until called “My 5 Senses.” They will be encouraged to explore and be creative using all five senses. They will hear and identify sounds, do tasty and smelly science projects and explore messy art through touch and sight. The letters for next week will be Ss and Ll.


We all know how important it is to like our coworkers. Well the same is true for daycare and preschool workers. The staff at Tudorka Tots takes this very seriously. They need to count on each other every day, probably more than most colleagues in other professions.

Throughout the year Tudorka Tots staff members spend a lot of quality time together outside of the office, building friendship and trust. They recently took a river rafting trip…here are some photos. Enjoy!

IMG_3568 IMG_3567 IMG_3566 IMG_3569 IMG_3570

Please send in your ideas and photos for the blog! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Break photos request. This really helps to strengthen our community and build engagement. If you have photos of your Labor Day Weekend, send those on over!