Tudorka Tots
Ship shape

Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope you had a lovely week. We’ve had fun playing and learning indoors and getting outside when the weather allowed it.

The children truly love “rainy day” activities — at both sites we have a variety of different toys and games they do not play with regularly that make an appearance. Your teachers are also full of plenty of creative ideas and activities to keep the kids busy.

This week has been all about shapes. Here are some of the activities we’ve been exploring.

IMG_0283 IMG_0279 IMG_0269 IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0282 IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0286

We’ve also collected fallen flower petals for arts and crafts.


And made bubbles.


And yes, we even played outside!


Don’t forget that this Sunday is Day Light Saving time! Have a great weekend!