Tudorka Tots
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying a quiet rainy Friday and are ready for the break ahead.

We’ve been busy at both campuses and teachers, staff and kids are ready for some much needed time off. As a friendly reminder, we are closed from 5 p.m today until Thursday, 12/29.

Here’s a quick photo recap of some things we’ve been enjoying over the past week. Have a great holiday!

Ball time at Campus

img_2809 img_2810

Holiday crafting and a visit from Santa at Campus and Mountain

img_2802 img_2803 img_2804 img_2805 img_2806 img_2807 img_2808 img_2811 img_2812 img_2813 img_2815 img_2816 img_2817

And finally, our Winter Wonderland festivities at Mountain. Thank you to Ms. Crystal’s dad…errr…we mean Santa!

img_2814 img_2818 img_2819 img_2820 img_2821 img_2822 img_2823

Cheers, everyone!