Tudorka Tots
The Year of the Sheep

Happy Thursday, everyone!

We hope you are having a great week and gearing up for a nice weekend ahead.

This week we are sharing a gallery of images from our Chinese New Year celebrations. Students at both campuses had a great time during their cultural events. They helped make dragons, participated in parades, ate traditional dishes and wore traditional garb and the color red.

Please share with your children and encourage them to share their experiences!

IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2566 IMG_2567 IMG_2568 IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2572 IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2575 IMG_2576 IMG_2577 IMG_2571 IMG_2593 IMG_2594 IMG_2595 IMG_2596 IMG_2597 IMG_2592 IMG_2598 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2601