Tudorka Tots
There’s a Tot in My Robot: Read Across America

One tot, two tots, three tots, four,
Jammies and hats and green eggs galore!

Five tots, six tots, seven, eight,
We can't wait to celebrate!

A day for kids to learn about words,
and cats in hats and snoozlebirds.

As well as....

Thing 1 and thing 2 and eggs that are green
Lorax and snorax and silly machines
Hortons and grinches and fish that can talk
Fantastical sights when you go for a walk
On the roads of Whoville or Mulberry Street
Oh, how many many feet you meet!
Wockets in pockets and Sam-I-am too
Bofas on sofas and fish that are blue.

Nonsensical words are funny to speak.
I'm fluent in Suess-ian, look, I'm so chic!

Reading is fun, reading is grand.
It is amazing when kids start to understand!

But when your kids start to read,
Grown-ups, be wary...
You can no longer spell curse words or stuff that is scary.

&^$#*&^#^@#!@ will be replaced with "gadzooks!"
Kids will know if you're skipping forward in books
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,
Maybe you can give pig latin a try?

Just kidding! It's awesome when kids learn to read.
Literacy is so important to breed.
So read to your kids and then read some more,
Til your voice becomes raspy and they start to snore.

Good night, weary grown-up, your work here is done.
Now turn on the TV and go have some fun!