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What We Did During Summer Break

Happy Friday, everyone!

Our call to action for summer break pics received quite a few responses! Thanks for sending your photos in! From activity-packed staycations to camping to beachbound babies, we sure did a lot over our break!

Here are some pics to brighten up your workday!

We had a super fun-filled staycation:


We went camping on the Gaviota Coast:

SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_2 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_1 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_8 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_7 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_6 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_5 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_4 SummerBreak_ Schinnerers_Gaviota Coast_3

We spent time with grandparents and welcomed a new baby brother! (Congrats!)

SummerBreak_Eloise_Staycation_2 SummerBreak_Eloise_Staycation SummerBreak_EloiseMeetsJames_Staycation

We went to Disneyland with our mom!



We escaped to Hawaii:

SummerBreak_KillianRonan_Hawaii_5 SummerBreak_KillianRonan_Hawaii_4 SummerBreak_KillianRonan_Hawaii_3 SummerBreak_KillianRonan_Hawaii_2 SummerBreak_KillianRonan_Hawaii_1

We journeyed to Vermont and went swimming in Lake Champlain:

SummerBreak_ Sebastian_Vermont_3 SummerBreak_ Sebastian_Vermont_2 SummerBreak_ Sebastian_Vermont

We built sandcastles and hunted for crabs in Massachusetts:

IMG_1533 IMG_1518

We’re so happy you had such a great time over break. And we are happy to be off to a great 2014-2015 school year! Have a great weekend!